Salento Tattoo Expo


Each stand will be equipped with rolls of paper and a latex glove box (standard size). A power strip and 4 electrical outlets will be provided for each workstation, a PC, SCANNER, PHOTOCOPIER, PRINTER, GRAPHIC TABLET, THERMOFAX (Spirit sheets). Being aware of the problems encountered by tattoo artists, for the creation of photos on tattoos just made, a professional lighting service will be offered free of charge to photograph their work, with the help of omni directional flashes and fixed umbrella lights for the homogeneous diffusion of the light. The room is equipped with air conditioning and has communicating exits with the outside of the congress room also used for the convention.
Sterilization is the basis for the safe use of all materials and work tools (Grips, Forceps, Forceps for piercing etc.) that come into contact with the skin during the execution of a tattoo or a piercing. In order for every tattoo artist to guarantee all the necessary security we have set up a room equipped with all the equipment required by the local a.s.l for this operation. Each instrument will be inserted in the ultrasonic washing machines, for a thorough cleaning and then checked by the service staff, then inserted into an autoclave for sterilization. For the elimination of disposable material including needles and ink, special containers will be provided which will then be delivered to a specialized company for disposal according to the regulations in force.