Welcome to Salento Tattoo Expo

Salento Tattoo Expo is the most interesting event in Southern Italy dedicated to body art, where dozens of great artists gather to tattoo in two days dedicated to the art of leather, expressed at the highest levels. The event will take place in a location full of services for guest artists and visitors who can admire the magnificent works exhibited and proposed by the artists in the various stands. The event is more than a convention, it is an event that wants to put the accent even in the deep south on what is today the tattoo, understood as art and as an expression of ourselves.

Tattoos and audience together with witness to the new way of conceiving art on leather today, internationally renowned artists who will have the great opportunity to see at work. 2 days intertwined between music and the buzz of machines at work for a weekend of leisure and relaxation. At the end of the event there will be a contest in which the best tattoos will be awarded in the salento tattoo expo divided into categories: black and white, best of show, Best color evaluated by a jury of impartial artists. The organization’s commitment will be to propose and address the world of contemporary artistic tattooing, to an interested public, increasingly curious, ready for new initiatives and open to new ideas. All the participants will be the lucky ones who will bring their tattoo home, proud of having chosen their artist in a rose that matches the best Italian events.